6 Business travel tips to relieve the stress

Manchester AirportFor those business executives who fly here are a few business travel tips to help relieve the stress.

Bon Voyage Executive travel has been serving the business world for many years. Many of our business customers arrive to the North West via or Manchester International Airport. Over the years we have heard countless stories of stressful flights, lost baggage not to mention the perils of flying economy on long haul flights.

Business travel tips to relieve the stress.

1. Before travelling check seats

Having a poor seat on an airline makes life much harder, check websites such as Seat Guru before you book, customer reviews will give you the heads up on the best seats. Reserve yours when you book your ticket.

2. Lost Baggage

Before leaving take pictures of your baggage and any valuable contents contained inside. That way if your baggage is lost it will speed up any claim you make or assist in a swifter recovery.

3. Speed up security

Many airports have express or quick check in lanes, these often provide quicker security screening. Take a look at the airport website and pre-book before you travel.

4. Upgrade your seat

If you are travelling economy ask at the check in desk if they offer discounted upgrades to business or first class. These can often provide considerable saving and give you the extra comfort you enjoy.

5. WiFi Security

Staying connected is important for the general public and business people a like. Airports often offer free WiFi, but before you use it check it is an authentic and secure connection. Rogues can easily pop up a free WiFi hotspot from a smartphone and steal personal and sensitive information.

6. Pre-Book onward travel

Of course when you arrive at the airport make sure you pre-book your onward travel making sure to use a reputable service. Booking in advance can sometimes save money, but more importantly the time you save can be invaluable preparation time before that important meeting.

Liverpool John Lennon AirportNo matter if you are landing at Manchester International Airport, or John Lennon or indeed anywhere else in the world these handy tips will hopefully help you relieve the stress of airline travel a little.

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