Chauffeur driven car

old chauffeur driven carThe Chauffeur driven car has been around longer than you think.  The name chauffeur comes from a French word for stoker, a stoker being a person who stokes or heats up the engine.  Or for those who are none the wiser, in the early days of the car and before ignitions and spark plugs, cars needed to be started by placing hot tubes in the cylinder head and so the French coined the term Chauffeur.

Given that cars in the early days were very expensive they where almost always owned by the wealthy, cars needed maintenance, breakdowns common and punctures inevitable – so a chauffeur for the aristocracy was essential.  Driving for a chauffeur was only a small part of the job.

Whilst the term chauffeur in it’s strictest sense refers to someone who drives for a living, it has swiftly become synonymous with people who drive elegant passenger vehicles such as limousines, large saloons and luxury cars in general.  The Chauffeur driven car has become linked to Royalty, movie stars and pop idols, however today chauffeurs provide an array of services all linked to high class travel for the general public.

The Chauffeur driven car can be hired for many special occasions from weddings to birthday parties, prom nights to anniversaries.  It’s the perfect form of transport for times when you need high quality transport and a driver that can take care of your every need.

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