Luxury Taxi in Liverpool – we are more than that

logoLuxury Taxi in Liverpool is what many of our customers call the service from Bon Voyage.  So what’s the difference between a luxury taxi and a luxury chauffeur service?

There is a technical answer between a taxi and a chauffeur driven car, however the answer for our customers is more often than not, quality and service.

Bon Voyage customers may well call our service a Luxury Taxi in Liverpool, and that’s fine by us, but they know exactly why we are a Luxury Taxi service and just exactly what Luxury Taxi means.  It’s high quality, professional chauffeurs, on time and very reliable.   Bon Voyage customers understand only too well the difference between a luxury taxi service and just a regular taxi.

Bon Voyage provides customers with a VIP quality service, the type you may only get in places like London, Paris and New York and only if you are a celebrity.  Bon Voyage provides that very same quality of service for little more than the price of a regular taxi but the difference to your evening is astonishing.

From 1 person to 16 people we can help – we are more than a luxury taxi in liverpool.

No waiting in line, no more waiting for the taxi to arrive, no more messy cars, no more hoping they will turn up.  Bon Voyage are there for you all the way, in style, on time, and reliable.

So when it comes to you needing transportation to and from a party, event or function, why struggle to get a taxi, why not simply have the Bon Voyage Luxury Chauffeur service instead, booked in advance and all taken care of, you may call it a Luxury Taxi in Liverpool, all we know is we go the extra mile for you in style.

Bon Voyage provide luxury executive travel just the way you need it.

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For all those people who still wonder what the difference is between a taxi and a private hire service such as Bon Voyage this will clarify things a little: You can get taxis at a rank, hail one in the street or pre-book one, but you can only pre-book minicabs and private hire vehiclesFor more info go here

Only Taxi’s can be called Taxi’s they have a different license.  So at Bon Voyage we are known as a luxury chauffeur driven private hire service.  Only our customers sometimes call Bon Voyage a luxury taxi, we never refer to or advertise Bon Voyage as a taxi service in anyway.